Prenuptial Agreement – Prenuptial Agreements in St. Louis

A prenuptial agreement, is a written contract between two people contemplating marriage. Its goal is to provide detailed descriptions of the rights for each party in the event of divorce or death of the other spouse. .

Couples of all income levels arrange premarital agreements to protect their property, inheritance, and debts.

Cavanagh and Associates provide counsel for clients in the St. Louis area seeking professional prenuptial agreement services including drafting, reviewing, and litigating.

Common scenarios for a prenuptial agreement include:

1. Protecting family assets: For example, if one spouse owns a business, a premarital agreement can protect the business whereby ensuring control does not transfer to the former spouse after divorce or death.

2. Limiting debt: If one spouse has significantly more debt than the other, a prenuptial agreement can prevent the spouse without debt from having to take on the financial duties of the other.

3. Income: If one spouse makes a significantly higher amount of money, a prenup can protect the higher earning spouse.

4. Children: If a spouse gives up his or her job to raise children during the marriage, a premarital agreement gives consideration to the financial duties of childcare.

5. A prenuptial agreement can limit how much spousal support is due upon divorce, and/or how the division of property will be split, as opposed to a lengthy court proceeding.


The Importance of Finding the Right Prenuptial Lawyer

For couples considering marriage and a prenuptial agreement, finding the right law office is key. Prenuptial agreements are complex and must be outlined properly to protect both spouses. These agreements must follow all state statutes and applied court decisions.

This is why we work closely with you to develop your ideal prenuptial agreement. While we hope you will never have to use it, a premarital agreement can spare you unnecessary stress, heartache, and expense.

Marriage is a financial partnership as much as an emotional union. Negotiating the arrangements of a prenuptial agreement may not seem like the most romantic way to prepare for marriage, however it is a pragmatic choice that can make the road ahead much smoother.

Is a prenuptial agreement right for your new family? Contact the law experts at Cavanagh and Associates to schedule your initial prenuptial consultation.