Pre-Divorce Consultation in St. Louis

Many people in troubled marriages search for a competent attorney only after deciding to proceed with a divorce, or even worse, wait until they have been served with court papers filed by their spouse.

However, this is a mistake.

Consultation with an attorney early in the decision-making process, even before deciding to proceed with a divorce, can help those planning or considering ending their marriage, as well as those who wish to save their marriage.

Contrary to public perception, a divorce attorney acting like an attack dog or concocting a scheme to try to manipulate events to improve your position rarely works and rarely serves the interests of the client.

An effective and ethical attorney must know how to defend against such tactics, but more importantly must take the obligations – to the client, to the court and to society – very seriously.

Representation of couples ending their marriage should not be an exercise of showmanship. It should be a somber, thoughtful, and a deliberate endeavor.

Our experience shows us that regardless of the circumstances which triggered the divorce process, both spouses suffer from the end of a marriage.

The suffering is not limited to the innocent spouse, if there is one, and the suffering is not limited to the loss of money, property or possessions.

The harshest effect of a breakup of a marriage is often the emotional damage, and rarely is any member of the family spared this damage.

Pre-divorce agreement - Pre-divorce counseling

In most cases, it is appropriate to start any consultation with a discussion about the negative unintended consequences of a divorce, before a final decision to proceed with the divorce case.

The ethical and experienced attorneys of Cavanagh and Associates counsel clients about the substantial detriments and unintended and unanticipated damage caused by a divorce and, in appropriate cases, provide guidance in efforts to save the troubled marriage.

In our practice we have counseled many women and men to resolve what was thought to be a broken relationship.

If you believe your marriage may be worth saving but you do not know if it can or should, Cavanagh and Associates can help guide you through this most difficult decision making process.

More importantly, Cavanagh and Associates has the ethics, efficiency, philosophy, experience and resources to help you save your marriage.

Even if the efforts fail, knowing that you took all steps you could to attempt to save a failing marriage can help minimize later emotional suffering.

If your marriage cannot be saved and divorce cannot be avoided, scheduling a pre-divorce consultation with Cavanagh and Associates can help you prepare for the process and plan for the requirements and expectations of the court system.

Addressing your concerns and understanding the impact of divorce ahead of time can help you better prepare for the future.

Appropriately planning for a divorce can put you in better control of your situation and help you protect your assets and preserve your parental rights.

After discussing the divorce process and laws that apply to your situation, you can move forward with realistic expectations about the end result of the divorce proceedings.

To speak to an attorney at Cavanagh and Associates, contact us to set up your pre-divorce consultation.