Child Protection Orders in St. Louis

Child Orders of Protection are similar to Adult Order of Protection, except that they are filed on behalf of a minor child.

This is often done by a parent to protect the child from physical, sexual, or emotional abuse.

Protective orders, often referred to as restraining orders, are legal orders issued by the courts requiring one person to stop harming another.

An Order of Protection can be entered in the county where the abuse occurs, or where the victim resides.

Orders generally prohibit the accused abuser from entering the home where the victim resides or communicate with the victim.

  • Some orders will outline other prohibited activity.
  • Once filed, the order is issued ex parte- without a hearing.
  • This initial order is temporary, until a hearing can be held.

Within 15 days, a hearing will be held to determine if the ex parte protection will be made into a full order of protection.

A full order of protection is issued for a period of time no longer than one year.

If there is a child custody order already in place, a Child Order of Protection cannot be entered against a parent.

To change a custody order, a Motion to Modify Custody or Visitation will need to be filed.

Mother protecting her child - Child protection order - Restraining order

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