Drug Offenses

Drug offenses are serious matters that can affect your ability to obtain employment or even housing. You may also be surprised to know that prior drug convictions from your past may increase the range of punishment you face on a current or future drug case if you qualify as a prior or persistent drug offender under Missouri law.

  • How do I know if I am a prior or persistent drug offender?
  • What does it mean to be a prior or persistent drug offender?

These are commonly asked questions, but the answers are specific to each individual. The potential sentence you face under Missouri statute as a prior or persistent drug offender will depend on the specifics of your current case and also your previous convictions.

If you have been charged with a drug offense, even an offense as seemingly insignificant as possession of marijuana, it is important for you to consult a knowledgeable defense attorney to thoroughly evaluate your case and determine what course of action is best for you.

The decision to take your case to trial, try to work out a plea to an amended offense with the prosecutor or attempt to gain entry into a drug court program is an important one and should be made after meaningful consultation with legal counsel.

Man being arrested for drug offense